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Excel Automation

Spending too long in Excel? We can automate your Excel tasks, saving you time and reducing frustration.


Excel Add In allowing R analysis and charts to be performed in any Workbook.

Statistical Software

Struggling with manually processing your data? Bespoke software for efficient and accurate data analysis.

Sharp Statistics

Stop wasting time on manipulating your data and start acting on information.
We build software to make your data analysis tasks simple. quick and error free.

We typically work with engineers, scientists and consultants automating time consuming data manipulations, implementing custom algorithms or building data visualization tools enabling action on the information rather than dealing with mechanics of data manipulation. Our solutions can be built as robust Excel Add Ins or standalone applications and all bespoke software comes with documentation and a perpetual license to use on as many of your companies computers as required. As we have considerable experience of developing tools in Excel we can also automate any existing Excel process and replace slow and unreliable VBA macros.

Demos and Trials

Download and try examples of our work

Chart Demo

A free Excel Add In allowing you to produce some basic statistical charts.


Run R code from Excel and get results and charts on the worksheet. Try our 30 day free trial.

Sharp-R Data

Free Excel Add In allowing Excel data to be saved and imported for an R workspace.

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