When Excel goes bad

As we know Excel is very powerful and very flexible, which is why it gets used for all sorts of data, but the myriad of functions and tools available means we can do all sorts of clever things with our worksheets, from drop down lists to dynamic charts, add to […]



Excel R Add In

The statistical programming environment R is a fantastic tool for data analysis and has a huge range of add on packages that enable just about any statistical method to be implemented quickly. R is essentially a programming tool so is driven by typing in commands and running script files. This […]

Excel Chart Demo

As an illustration of how Sharp Statistics can integrate extra analysis tools into Excel there is now a demonstration Excel Add In that can be download and installed to produce some useful statistical plots of your data. It can produce 3 simple statistical charts, box, kernel density and normal quantile […]


Editing the Excel ribbon

More than macros

When explaining about the Excel automation work we do at Sharp Statistics often the initial response is ‘so you write VBA macros’. In fact we don’t use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros to build our solutions but instead use something called Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) which we […]