Excel Add Ins

March 3, 2015

As Excel is so widely used for data analysis clients frequently require a complete Excel based solution or simply need an existing method or business process currently carried out in Excel automating.

Our Excel Add Ins are Windows only as they don’t rely on the typical macro system so are installed on each users machine similar to any other Windows application so your clients cannot accidentally be sent your hard worked out system and there is no reliance on hidden data and formulas so it is impossible to accidentally break the functionality of the Add In. The technical details of how we build our Excel Add Ins is detailed in this page describing the technical details. We typically build Add Ins for Excel 2010 and 2013, but they are Windows only.

Excel Add In example

As Excel is used for all sorts of business and analysis processes our Excel Add Ins are not always focused on statistical analysis, and have been used to enable smarter working practices by automating existing work flows.


For example we have built an Excel Add In that automates the production of quotes enabling the quick generation of letters and emails from the results of Excel calculations. This system also has the advantage of using a centrally stored file containing the costs so quotes generated by different users are sure to use the same values.

Another Add In has dealt with performing customer surveys, restricting input where required to the standard ‘Strongly Agree’ to ‘Strongly Disagree’ options and then in a few seconds summaries the results in a Word document, avoid many time consuming copy and paste actions. The Add In has been built to adjust for the number and groups of questions so they can be added and removed as needed and the Add In incorporates the changes automatically. The Word report contains summary charts that are not standard Excel charts which help summarize the data.

We have also built an Add In that applies straight forward calculations to large amounts of data that has been collated from many different files, saving the client hours and making the investigation of historical data possible. The actual calculations are simple but applying them to variable amounts of data when there are over 20,000 rows is very time consuming. Plotting such long time series is also difficult in Excel so an interactive chart has been added that allows the client to zoom in and out to quickly focus on periods of interest.

To try out a small example of our work you can download a free demonstration of an Excel Add In that adds some extra chart options to the Excel ribbon. We also offer a free Add In for sending Excel data into R workspace files and a more comprehensive tool that allows functions defined in R code to be run inside Excel.