January 1, 2017



The XML files that contain previously defined R functions (demonstration files ‘Tests.xml’ and ‘Eda.xml’ are included in the download) are loaded using the load button on the ribbon. Note that the Rda functions require packages car version 2.1.2 and FactoMineR version 1.32. If these are not installed then a warning will be displayed and the functions will not be loaded.

If the XML file follows the correct schema and the correct R packages are installed then when the Function Control panel is opened the function will be available from the menus with tool tips giving a quick description.

If the function files are changed after the function control panel has opened then Excel will need to be restarted for the changes to take effect, this is a restriction in the free version of Sharp-R.

To apply a function to some data, select the required data as you would for any other Excel operation and then click the appropriate function button. If the data is of the correct format then if the function has some user interaction defined a interface presenting those settings will be displayed. Here the various values can be adjusted as required depending on the amount of interactive that has been defined.

Once the options are completed the function can be run by pressing the ‘Execute’ button. Any charts produced will be displayed in the control and any output. The charts and text can be copied and pasted onto a worksheet individually if required.

Selecting ‘Output’ will automatically place all charts, text and any data outputted by the function onto the worksheet.

Some functions have been defined to produce just a single chart and no other output. These functions when selected do not show the ‘Execute’ button as they update when the user interface is changed.

The ‘Update’ button allows the selected data to be changed. If the currently selected range is valid for the function then update will update the data. Alternatively if the ‘Live Panes’ toggle button in the ribbon is selected then the data will update to the currently selected range if it contains valid data for the function.

Chart Image Size

All the charts are produced as ‘png’ image files with default settings for the size and image quality. These settings can be adjusted by selecting the image settings in the Theme Editor. The default size and resolution has been found to give the best results of quality quickly. Altering these settings can result in very large and hence slow generating charts.

Writing Functions

The current version of Sharp-R is considered as beta version so the details of the XML structure may change. For this reason the best method for writing your own functions is to copy the structure from the 2 sample function files that are part of the download.