November 22, 2016

Sharp-R, Excel statistics with R


Sharp-R is an Managed Excel (Windows only) COM Add In that extends Excel statistics with the statistical programming environment R. R scripts can be called straight from Excel by simple selecting data and clicking an option. Results from functions whether text, data or charts can placed onto the worksheet. Sharp-R allows anyone to have access to a huge range of sophisticated statistical and data analysis functions from within Excel, without the need to copy files, deal with the command line, or connect to a server.

Excel statistics with R

Just about any R function from any package can be put into a function file and can be accessed through the Add In. Charts generated are copied into Excel as images, although Sharp-R offers the option to have an interactive chart window.

All the functions are defined in a XML file that means that the R code can be modified and added to without the need to update Sharp-R. Any number of function files can be written to perform any data analysis you require, and any user can then load the required file to access the functions they need. This means that instead of being limited to predetermined functions your analysis methods can be modified and expanded as required.

Traditional Excel statistics Add Ins have fixed methods, some which are never used. Sharp-R function files can be written by anyone who is familiar with R and has a basic knowledge of XML. So you only ever have the methods you need and can change then when you want.

Chart Builder

Sharp-R also has Chart Builder interface to the popular ggplot2 chart package, so your Excel statistics looks good as well. Chart builder allows a Excel user to use ggplot2 interactively to build plots of their Excel data without having to write R code. The ggplot2 interface also includes a theme editor so the default appearance of charts can be fine tuned if required. The current version only supports a limited set of the ggplot2 options.

Excel statistics with ggplot2


Free Version

You can download the free version of Sharp-R. The only restriction is that you can only load 2 function files with 5 functions in at any one time. Changing the function files after the function control panel has been opened requires a restart of Excel for the functions to load. Before downloading please check the requirements.

The current version is a beta build, so would welcome any feedback. More features and improvements to the user interface are in development.

Sharp-R does not expose the R console in Excel (although this can be done) so it hasn’t been built for programing R from R.

Custom Analysis

If you don’t know about R but just need to Excel to have some more sophisticated analysis functions then Sharp Statistics can help you build a customised and branded version for your company, making sure that all your Excel users are analysis data in the same way.

We are also interested in working with any company who may want a custom analysis solution for their clients or industry as Sharp R can be bundled into a self contained package.

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