September 14, 2017




The EasyER installer can be downloaded by clicking the button below.


Details on what’s in each release and when the next update can be expected are in the release notes.

The time series function file can be downloaded by clicking the button below.



Please let us know if you find EasyER useful or are using it on a regular basis or if you have any function files you want share.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or above system with .Net 4.6 installed
  • Local installation of Excel 2010 or above. EasyER will not work with the web based Excel version.
  • Local installation of R, version 3.5 or greater.

EasyER connects automatically to a default installation of R as downloaded from CRAN.  It can also be configured to connect to other local R installations such as Microsoft R.

The bit version of Excel determines the bit version of R you can connect to. To use a 64bit version of R you must run a 64 bit version of Excel.

For the basic operation R must have the following packages installed:

  • R.devices version 2.15.1
  • ggplot2 version 2.2.1 or greater

EasyER can automatically install R packages if the option is selected.


The download consists of a single msi file, that once saved can simple be double clicked to install the add in. Once complete the next time Excel is opened confirmation of the install is required.

EasyER is installed for the current user only, and dose not require admin rights, but installing the requirements, .Net framework or R with default options does.

Once installed the EasyER will automatically start. Please read the notes on using EasyER and how the software works, here. If you need help get in contact and also please report any bugs you come across. If we don’t know about a problem then it won’t get fixed.