September 14, 2017

EasyER, Statistics in Excel


EasyER is a statistical Add In for Excel (Windows only) that makes it easy to do statistics in Excel. It allows functions defined in R code to be accessed from the worksheet without the user having to know anything about R. EasyER makes Excel and R easy.

R function from the worksheet

Simply select a range of data and the required function from a menu. Depending on how the function has been configured various parameters can be adjusted and the results, once calculated, can be simply copied back to the worksheet.

R from excel

Chart Builder

As well as running R function EasyER 1.2 introduces a chart builder control that allows data to be plotted quickly utilizing the popular ggplot2 R package, no coding required.

Easy Excel and R

EasyER enables high quality statistical methods available in R to be easily accessible in Excel. The R functions are easy to modify to meet changing data and analysis needs. Typical add ins either have lots of methods never used or the ones that require the data to be in a specific format, but the one thing you can be sure about is that at some point your data will change and you want to try out  new ideas. EasyER allows functions to be modified and added to as required, by anyone who knows R. As functions are accessed through a familiar interface any Excel user can quickly adopt changes, without learning yet another system.

Experience shows that many people are interested in doing statistics in Excel with their own data. Statistics in Excel isn’t straight forward as it can be difficult to implement. Learning a new system or confronted with a command line interface isn’t always a practical option. Accessing sophisticated functions directly in Excel saves learning yet another interface and avoids the problems of data transfer.


Functions that have been built specifically to handle data most commonly encountered which saves everyone time and avoids mistakes. All the functions are defined in easily accessible code. This gives a record of what method is being used and how. With everyone using the same repeatable method there is no longer any confusion.

Simple configuration

EasyER connects to a local installation of R, there is no need for setting up servers or other special configuration. All your data stays on your local machine and doesn’t need to be uploaded to a web server.

EasyER is free to use and you can get it from the download page.