Excel and R


There are many applications and tools for working with Excel and R. R code can be run from Excel and R can be used to output result to Excel sheets. Typically all these tools require some knowledge of using the command line or code. Data and results need to be converted to one format or another.

To make things easier with Excel and R we have finally managed to get the first version of our Excel Add, EasyER is released. EasyER has been developed to enable any Excel user to run functions defined in R code on their worksheet data. No need to run any text commands just select data and the function required.

Easy Excel and R, R functions in Excel

Easy Excel and R

EasyER isn’t for developing R code there are plenty of tools like R Studio or Visual Studio (Our Favourite) for that. It is for repeatedly running custom R functions in Excel by any Excel user. No server installations, code or R knowledge required by the user.

Once a local R installation is installed then EasyER can automatically connect to it.

Having your data analysis functions defined in R means that as data and requirements change functions can be updated. Traditional Add Ins can only add new methods when the developer updates the application. With EasyER anyone with some R programming knowledge can create new functions, allowing quick roll out of functions to any Excel user.


As all functions are defined in code reproducibility comes as standard. No more discussions over who has done what in Excel. Common methods can be used throughout the business with confidence that results will be the same, whoever produces them.

You can read more on EasyER or download

We are still developing EasyER and its documentation so if you have question or a request for a feature then let us know.