EasyER Version 1.2


Version 1.2 of EasyER has now been released. The main change is the addition of a chart builder interface for interactively creating charts. The chart builder plugs into the popular ggplot2 package allowing ggplot2 charts in Excel. Some bugs have also been fixed to help when having multiple function panes open, installing R packages and the ribbon controls have been simplified. There has also been big changes behind the scenesĀ  to make the add in easier to update and expand.

ggplot2 in excel

Chart Builder, ggplot2 in Excel

The chart builder as shown above is an interface to the R package ggplot2, so now ggplot2 charts in Excel are possible without having to type any code. The current implementation only contains a few basic chart types, but these will be added to over time. The current chart types are

  • Bar
  • Box
  • Density
  • Line
  • Point
  • Rug

The way ggplot2 works is to allow for multiple chart types to be placed as layers onto a single chart. This makes it straight forward to build charts that combine the different chart types.

More to come

As well as adding more chart types further work is still required with adjusting the scales and with the interface as it is a bit clunky in places. We wanted to release it as is to get some feedback on what you think. If you want to see a particular chart type included sooner rather than later then get in contact.

Bug Fixes

There has also been some bug fixes. The why packages are installed has been completely changed. Also having multiple task panes open in Excel 2013 and above works better. Function panes remain independent and so multiple Excel sheets can be open at once and have functions applied to them.

Get it now

You can download version 1.2 from the usual page. As ever please let us know what you think or if you come across any bugs or problems.