November 12, 2017

Release Notes


Release Notes for EasyER

Next Release

  • New chart builder model to allow more options
  • Works with R 3.5
  • Reliable auto package installation

14 June 2018


  • Fixed issue with RHome and RPath not being set.

Known Issues:

  • Automatic install of packages is still unreliable on some machines. If experiencing problems then packages have to be installed manually.

11 June 2018

Version :

  • Added first iteration of Chart builder interface using ggplot2 library.
  • Simplified Ribbon controls.
  • Improved handling multiple function panes.
  • Fixed some issues around automatic installing of packages.

18 December 2017

Version :

  • Adds the ability to handle dates.
  • Improved installing of R Packages and highlight to user of Path not set.
  • Corrected outdated CRAN mirrors.

14 November 2017

Version : First release.

Known Issues

  • Problem with automatic installing of packages. R Path has to be added to System Environment Path variable.